When it comes to owning your own restaurant, your kitchen supplies like commercial sinks and water cooled ice machines will be your most important invest, aside from the business itself.

Also, preventing and solving water damage issues will be very helpful to avoid unwanted hazards that could ruin your restaurant. You can contact companies like water damage restoration carlsbad for reliable service you can trust.

Furthermore, if the food is not prepared well, then your customers will not want to come back. Part of having your food prepared well is having a proper knife set.

In this two page content we will explore some helpful tips on how to go about selecting the proper knife set.

1) You have to first figure out your basic needs. What will you be using the set for? Will you need all the knives? Most people don’t like to spend money on knives they don’t need. Who want to have a knife around just to look pretty?


–An all-purpose knife
–A Chef’s knife
–A paring knife
–A serrated bread knife
–A cleaver
–A filleting knife
–A carving knife
–An electric honer

2) Let the knife sit in your hand. You have to try it out. It’s kind of like a shoe. You wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes without first trying them on, would you? The knife should rest comfortably in the hand. It should fit well. It should work well with you and your style. If you aren’t getting this from the knife, you don’t have the right one. Keep this next fact in mind please. What feels good to you, might not feel good for your cook. The knife has to work well for both of you, in case you have to do the cooking one night.

knife3) Are there any signs of welding or joining in the steel? Play close attention to the hilt of the knife. If you notice any of this, it’s going to be weak. No knife should feel or be weak. The best knives are single-steel and hand-made. The thinner knives tend to be weak at the hilt and be cheaply made with steel. These are the ones you want to avoid.

4) The next thing you need to do is feel the weight of the knife. Many people seem to bypass this part. They feel that if it’s made well and it feels okay then it will pass. This is not necessarily true. If it’s a lightweight chopper, this is going to be good for speed. It’s also going to be good for precise cuts. You will need this sort of knife for the lighter ingredients. The rougher and harder items are going to need the harder knives. You need the harder knife to cut through the rough parts. It’s best to buy both and use them accordingly.